Custom Made Products

Unlike conventional furniture stores, we don’t sell one-size-fits-all furniture pieces. Every piece of furniture we sell is handcrafted, and everything has various options that will affect the final price. It’s not unlike purchasing a new car. A certain model may be advertised with a particular starting price, but once a shopper starts adding optional features – power windows, upgraded stereo, leather interior, etc. – the price understandably rises.

However, for your reference only, here are some general guidelines on what our customers typically spend on our products. Remember, these are only guidelines, and not a guarantee. Your price may be higher or lower than what is shown here. And remember, prices and offerings are subject to change.

All of our furniture are offered in variety of wood species. You can learn more about the difference in the species here. Cedar is our standard species and is the most economically priced. Oak is our middle category, and typically is priced approximately 10% more. Our premium species are Pinion and Teak, which are typically in the range of 30-40% above the price of oak. The rustic varieties of our premium species are in high demand, but they typically fall in a range between brown maple and the premium species prices.

Wood Species

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